Tech Talks #70

Czwartek, 13.06.2024 18:30

Lucjan Dudek, Przemysław Idzkiewicz

Distributing Python computations with Ray on Golem English

Golem ( is a decentralized, open-source marketplace for computing power, where users willing to share their resources let others use their machines for a small fee.

Ray ( on the other hand, is an open-source framework for scaling Python applications. It specializes in tooling for AI/ML applications, but at the same time, it is based on Ray Core which understands every piece of generic Python code.

Ray on Golem makes it super easy to set up and use Golem Network to scale your Ray application.

We will show you an example of a Ray application executed on a cluster of Golem nodes.

Dominik Czarnota

Python specialized bytecode: hacking a Python jail English

In this talk we will learn what Python's specialized bytecode is and we will solve a challenge from Angstrom CTF 2024, a capture the flag cybersecurity competition where we had to hack a so called "PyJail" which was an attempt to isolate or limit arbitary Python code execution. We will also learn where we can find such jails in real life code and how to do them better (hint: usually, don't do them at all, but if you must...).

Now, the talk comes with lightning talks included (extra mini talks on other interesting topics)!



Zdjecie Lucjan Dudek

Lucjan Dudek Strona prelegenta

Developer with a decade of experience, mostly working in web development. Now, a member of Golem’s Python team is currently focused on Ray on Golem project.

Zdjecie Przemysław Idzkiewicz

Przemysław Idzkiewicz Strona prelegenta

I’m a developer with 20+ years of experience in various areas, including adventures with low-level graphics programming, plus several years of web development and network programming. Currently, I’m a senior software developer in Golem Network, taking care of its Python libraries and most recently, part of the team working on Ray on Golem.

Zdjecie Dominik Czarnota

Dominik Czarnota Strona prelegenta

Rozłączony zawodowo zajmuje się audytami bezpieczeństwa różnego rodzaju softu wraz z firmą Trail of Bits, analizując kod czy wykorzystując różne narzędzia takie jak fuzzing czy własne regułki statycznej analizy. Poza pracą grywa CTFy z justCatTheFish, gra w DoTA2 i nie może doczekać się powrotu do rzeczywistości w której konferencje onsite czy offline mają jednak miejsce.


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