Tech Talks #69

Czwartek, 04.04.2024 18:00

Jacek Kołodziej

GIL: What's the hassle and... should I care? English

GIL often appears as a scary, obscure gizmo. Misunderstanding of this aspect of Python may lead to suboptimal architectural choices. I invite you to see my attempt at explaining the GIL and its implications, as well as providing pointers for how to deal with the GIL in specific situations.

There have been (and still are), of course, attempts to get around the GIL - or get rid of it altogether. I hope to give some light to these works.

By providing a comprehensive overview of today's GIL in CPython, this presentation aims to help make better design choices - be it choosing a concurrency/parallelism model, Python implementation to use - or even whether or not to drop Python entirely.

Robert Urbańczyk

Dynamiczny Admin - Jak być lepszym adminem w Django Polish

Dzięki Django Admin możemy szybko eksperymentować z różnymi modelami danych, relacjami oraz funkcjonalnościami, co pozwala nam w łatwy sposób ocenić, czy nasza koncepcja architektury danych jest trafna i czy należy wprowadzić jakieś zmiany. To nie tylko narzędzie do zarządzania danymi, ale również narzędzie do szybkiej walidacji naszej koncepcji architektonicznej, co przyspiesza proces projektowania i prowadzi do lepszych wyników końcowych. Prawdą jest, że czasami Django admin może być niedoceniany lub traktowany po macoszemu, mimo że jest niezwykle potężnym narzędziem. Na spotkaniu pokażę kilka powodów, dlaczego Django admin jest tak wartościowy i jak można go wykorzystać do tworzenia kompletnych rozwiązań.



Zdjecie Jacek Kołodziej

Jacek Kołodziej Strona prelegenta

Principal Software Engineer for search/recommendations/item page at Allegro.

On the side: Photographs, runs, wanders from one concert to another and from one hill to another, too. Plays drums occasionally.

Zdjecie Robert Urbańczyk

Robert Urbańczyk

I'm a seasoned Python developer with a passion for crafting robust system tools and exploring the intricacies of modern web frameworks. My journey in the world of programming began in the realm of Solaris/Unix in early nineties and settled on GNU/Linux, where I honed my skills in developing efficient and reliable system tools.

Professional Journey:

Over the years, I've delved into the heart of Python, finding joy in the intricacies of backend development. My expertise lies in the intersection of Python and system-level programming, allowing me to build tools that operate seamlessly in various environments.

Web Framework Exploration:

I find immense pleasure in testing the capabilities of modern web frameworks. From clean modern FastAPI to good old Django, I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the realm of web development. My curiosity has led me to experiment with diverse technologies, always seeking the most effective and elegant solutions. Continuous Learning:

In my spare time, I embrace the challenge of learning new languages. This pursuit not only broadens my understanding of programming paradigms but also keeps me attuned to the current state of the art in the ever-evolving landscape of software development.


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