Tech Talks #55

Czwartek, 25.11.2021 19:00

Piotr Gnus

The magic of pyproject.toml Link do prezentacji

In this talk we'll learn why the pyproject.toml file format was created, what issues does it solve and what issues does it bring to the Python world. Is it good? Is it bad? We will find out!

Dominik Czarnota

CPython bugs review Link do prezentacji

In this talk we will look into a few bug cases in CPython, some of which are still present and may impose a security risk for admins or organizations.



Zdjecie Piotr Gnus

Piotr Gnus

Python developer experienced in web frameworks, also dealing with some devops work to create environments more friendly.

Zdjecie Dominik Czarnota

Dominik Czarnota Strona prelegenta

Rozłączony zawodowo zajmuje się audytami bezpieczeństwa różnego rodzaju softu wraz z firmą Trail of Bits, analizując kod czy wykorzystując różne narzędzia takie jak fuzzing czy własne regułki statycznej analizy. Poza pracą grywa CTFy z justCatTheFish, gra w DoTA2 i nie może doczekać się powrotu do rzeczywistości w której konferencje onsite czy offline mają jednak miejsce.




Sponsorzy spotkania


Cracow Linux Users Group is a community of enthusiasts of computer science, technology and operating systems from the Unix family.

Deployed is a team of passionate software developers. Since 2011, we've been helping our clients to run and scale their businesses. With continuous growth, we now employ 24 people. What do we do? We work with international companies in multicultural and diverse environments. We are experts in Python and Django. We also specialize in ReactJS and React Native. What differentiates us from our competitors is that we scrutinously test our code, focus on quality in the development process, while writing and deploying clean code. Each year, we host Pykonik's website and provide sponsorship of related events. Come along and say hi to our team members! We are always looking for experienced Python/Django developers as well as fullstack developers, React/React Native developers, QA engineers and Systems administrators.


W trakcie spotkania rozlosowane zostaną dwie roczne licencje dowolnego produktu JetBrains wliczając w to PyCharm Professional.



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