Tech Talks #53

Czwartek, 26.11.2020 19:00

This was an online-only meeting, streamed on YouTube and Facebook.

Sebastian Witowski

Python Versions and Dependencies Made Easy English

Managing Python versions and dependencies can be painful. JavaScript developers have their "node_modules" folders, but we don't have "python_modules" (yet!) in Python. Instead, we have those mysterious virtual environments. And if you also want to switch between different Python versions, it can quickly turn into a mess.

It doesn't have to be that way. With a few simple tools and practices, you can easily tame Python and its dependencies. In this talk, I'm going to show you how to do this.

I will talk about: - How to manage Python versions with pyenv and set different versions for a folder or a shell session? - What are virtual environments, what's the difference between different tools (venv, virtualenvwrapper, conda, etc.), and how to use them? - How to separate global packages with pipx (and why you should do this) - Why you usually don't need pipenv, poetry, and other tools like that (and when they are actually useful)

Céline Boudier

Is Agile only for extroverts? What’s your personaliteam? English

Do personality types affect people's engagement with specific ways of working in software engineering? Do introverts struggle with Agile methodologies? How can we get to know the team's personality and preferences so workflows can be even more adapted? Hopefully this talk can help make people empathise with each other and build efficient processes that cater even more for the humans in it.



Zdjecie Sebastian Witowski

Sebastian Witowski Strona prelegenta

Sebastian is a Python consultant and trainer. He started his journey with programming as a software developer at CERN, where he fell in love with Python (and teaching). Now he is helping companies untangle their complicated architecture and build all sorts of interesting Python projects.

In his spare time, he talks about Python, best practices in programming, and productivity.

Zdjecie Céline Boudier

Céline Boudier Strona prelegenta


EN: I'm a software engineering manager on a career break. Just before taking a break I was a mobile engineering manager at Memrise, that I discovered when learning languages through the app (Tak, uczę się polskiego!). My previous jobs include leading the Code For Life team (free open source online coding games) at Ocado, leading teams, being a PO and developing in Python for the NAO robot at Aldebaran (now Softbank Robotics). I love sharing knowledge, writing, languages, language processing in Python, parkour, exploring, alternative modeling, reading, drawing, plant-based food and anything creative.

PO: Jestem menadżerką software ale teraz mam przerwę w karierze. Wcześniej pracowałam w Memrise (uczę się polskiego!), w Code For Life/Ocado Technology i w Aldebaran (teraz Softbank Robotics) jako menadżerka, właścicielka produktu i programistka robotyka Python. Uwielbiam uczyć i uczyć się, pisać, języki, NLP, Python, parkour, odkrywanie, alternatywne style, czytać, rysować, jedzenie roślinne i wszystko kreatywne.


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