Tech Talks #51

Czwartek, 26.03.2020 18:30

This is an online-only meeting. The streaming would be available on facebook - more details in this post

Jakub Brzeski

Cadence - a workflow orchestration engine to execute long-running business logic English

During this talk you will learn what challenges led us to use a workflow orchestration engine and why we decided to choose Cadence over other technologies. I will describe main concepts behind Cadence and explain how to actually write a workflow using the Python client.

Wojciech Smołka

Design patterns - a pythonic view English

Everyone's probably heard about design patterns, but the concept became popular with the Gang of Four book over 20 years ago. A lot of time has passed since.

In this talk I will dissect two classic design patterns - how they originated, evolved and what happened to them in the Python world. Tracing the evolution and death (or maybe ascension?) of these patterns will lead us to some highly practical conclusions.

The talk will also feature a guest appearance of Rust.



Zdjecie Jakub Brzeski

Jakub Brzeski

Senior Software Engineer at ShopRunner. Apart from implementing workflows, used to work on search engine and order management system. A Python enthusiast but not tied to particular programming language. Previously had a chance to write production code in C++, Kotlin, Java or Go. After work he likes spending time playing guitar or reading good literature.

Zdjecie Wojciech Smołka

Wojciech Smołka

Pythonista by trade, Rustacean by heart. I have interest in functional programming, programming languages and tools that make daily work easier.

I strongly believe in insecticidal properties of beautiful and simple design (unit tests come in a close second).


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