Tech Talks #50

Czwartek, 27.02.2020 18:30

Artur Czepiel

What happens when you run a file with python? English

Many things are happening between the moment you’ve typed python and "Hello World" appearing on your screen. Using a puzzle from previous pykonik as an example, I'll walk you through the first few steps of these, focusing on how python reads and decodes the source files.

I'll show a few examples of how you can modify that process, and what you can achieve with those modifications.

Konrad Sewiłło-Jopek

Asyncio - done right? English

We will discuss asyncio in details starting from historical perspective and support for event-based programming in different operating systems. Then we will look at the implementation of asynchronous IO in Python: what is event loop? What exactly are coroutines and how they differ from other concurrency methods? What are other problems we may introduce using asyncio and how to prevent them? How to mix asyncio with multi-core processing? What are the main disadvantages of asyncio?



Zdjecie Artur Czepiel

Artur Czepiel Strona prelegenta


Zdjecie Konrad Sewiłło-Jopek

Konrad Sewiłło-Jopek

Experienced programmer that loves everything from microcontrollers up to machine learning. Python enthusiast focused on ML toolkits, network programming (not only Web), high performance computing and numerical analysis.


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