Tech Talks #45

Czwartek, 30.05.2019 18:30

Aleksander Kawala

Developer performance best practices Polish Link do prezentacji

This talk aims to gather some practices that can boost your productivity at work. Because tests are important part of implementing difficult business logic (especially on backend) second part covers some less known approaches to testing in Python. Agenda: Day to day work: PRs, Commits, WTDD, TDD Tests: Vcrpy, Hypothesis, Caplog, DB speedup

Łukasz Taczuk

unicode.decode() English Link do prezentacji

So you just encoded your string with "user_input.encode('utf8')" and all you got was… a UnicodeDecodeError?!? Now you’re left wondering why your interpreter was drunk the whole time! Or was it? Maybe there IS a method in this madness? (spoiler: Nope! Only if you squint :)

If you’re still struggling to understand Unicode in Python, let me decode this properly for you once and for all!



Zdjecie Aleksander Kawala

Aleksander Kawala Strona prelegenta

Aleksander, Fullstack engineer at Sunscrapers. Python is his mother tongue. Automation, hacky clever tools? Count him in! Mentor at Python workshops for young padawans from junior high. Owner of purring black Kernel.

Zdjecie Łukasz Taczuk

Łukasz Taczuk

Programista Pythona i C++ od ładnych parunastu lat. Ma za sobą udział jako prelegent w konferencjach takich jak SecurityBsides, 4Developers czy PyConPL oraz wiele, wiele lightning talków (Confidence, PyConPL, etc...). Organizator Nocy Informatyka w Krakowie. W lecie pływa na desce windsurfingowej, w zimie jeździ na monoski. Hackuje cały czas.


Sponsorzy spotkania

Deployed is a team of passionate software developers. Since 2011, we've been helping our clients to run and scale their businesses. With continuous growth, we now employ over 30 great team members.

What do we do?

We work with international companies in multicultural and diverse environments. We are experts in Python and Django. We also specialize in ReactJS and React Native as well as AWS.

What differentiates us from our competitors is that we scrutinously test our code, focus on quality in the development process, while writing and deploying clean code. Each year, we host Pykonik's website and provide sponsorship of related events.

Come along and say hi to our team members!

We are always looking for experienced Python/Django developers as well as fullstack developers, React/React Native developers, QA engineers and Systems administrators. Please don't hesitate to drop us an email on hello at

Thanks to DEPLOYED there would be pizza waiting for attendees.


Sunscrapers is an elite Python development company that helps clients set up dedicated development teams in Poland, made of the most talented, experienced, and motivated software engineers.

Since 2010, we’ve been working with ambitious US and European scaleups, SMBs, and enterprises on delivering digital products and extending in-house development teams.


W trakcie spotkania rozdane zostaną dwie roczne licencje dowolnego produktu JetBrains wliczając w to PyCharm Professional.



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