Tech Talks #39

Czwartek, 25.10.2018 18:30

Andriy Voronin

Image recognition with Python

In this talk you will learn about image recognition in Python, it's history, available libraries and learn how to use some of them.

Marek Piechula

Targetowanie reklam z Machine Learning

Prezentacja będzie wyjaśniać, jak stworzyć model machine learning na podstawie analizy odwiedzających sklep on-line. Model umożliwia personalizowanie reklam i wyświetlanie ich potencjalnie zainteresowanym klientom.

Dominik Czarnota

Docker security

Let's dive into security of Docker containers and Docker daemon. We are going to find answers for those questions: - Is the root in the container the same as on host? - Why can't I reboot my pc from the container? - Is it safe to let non-sudo users spawn docker containers? ...and maybe something more :).



Zdjecie Andriy Voronin

Andriy Voronin

I have started coding in 2006, initially I was freelancing and searching customers on my own, but from 2013 I started working in outsourcing IT companies, in the last 5 years I was involved in various Python projects for clients like Cisco, RetailMeNot, Ernst&Young, Virtualstock. For the last 1+ year I work in Symphony Solutions. I find software development the most interesting for me personally. I also keep up with recent developments and try to be as up to date with the latest technology and science as I can.

Zdjecie Marek Piechula

Marek Piechula

Jest programistą Pythona w firmie Clearcode z 5 letnim stażem, a także elektronikiem amatorem. Członek zarządu Hackerspace SIlesia, w przeszłości prowadził wiele warsztatów związanych z programowaniem i był jednym z organizatorów HackSilesia #2 oraz #3. Fascynuje się astronomią i zdarza mu się tańczyć salsę.

Zdjecie Dominik Czarnota

Dominik Czarnota Strona prelegenta

Reverse engineering and security enthusiast. Author for Programista magazine. Programmed in Python, C# and C++. Also did penetration tests and web security trainings for developer teams. In his free time, contributes to Pwndbg project and takes part in CTF contests with Just Hit the Core team.


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Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions is a digital transformation company with its headquarters based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and delivery centers in Lviv, Ukraine; Krakow and Rzeszow, Poland; and Skopje, Macedonia. Symphony Solutions is providing Western European clients with high quality IT and Consultancy services. Thanks to Symphony Solutions there would be pizza waiting for you during the networking time.



Lokalizacja Codecool, Ślusarska 9