Tech Talks #33

Czwartek, 05.10.2017 18:30

Dominik Czarnota

Python in a hacker's toolbox vol 2 Link do prezentacji

Inspired by Gynvael Coldwind's talk on PyCon PL 2015 about the topic, here comes vol 2. The talk will present some IPython tricks and interesting Python libraries used both in CTF and security field.

Błażej Kasperczyk

Let's build a PaaS, how hard could it be? Link do prezentacji

How many applications, and where do we put them? Why is our system so bad at keeping up with what the users want? What to do in case of a noisy neighbour? When you're aiming to provide a platform where the developers could easily launch an application without worrying about configuring the system, you will have to code it sooner or later. As with most very simple concepts, it presents a plethora of challenges to deal with.



Zdjecie Dominik Czarnota

Dominik Czarnota Strona prelegenta

Reverse engineering and security enthusiast. Author for Programista magazine. Programmed in Python, C# and C++. Also did penetration tests and web security trainings for developer teams. In his free time, contributes to Pwndbg project and takes part in CTF contests with Just Hit the Core team.

Zdjecie Błażej Kasperczyk

Błażej Kasperczyk


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