Coding Dojo #14

Środa, 08.11.2017 18:30

A Coding Dojo is a place / meeting for programmers to engage together on deliberate practice of their craft. Expect to do Test Driven Development, PairProgramming and other practices well known from Agile development methodologies together with other people.

It’s meant to be fun and to help everyone improve their coding skills.

All skill levels are welcome.

In the very first minutes we will give a brief introduction explaining how the process work, with very few rules, and then we start coding.

Do not bring your computer, you don’t need it, and it would be just one more distraction in the era of smartphones and everyone always connected...

Important things to keep in mind: Continuous learning, Safe environment, No competition, Collaboration, Inclusive, Failure and redundancy, Baby steps

Objectives: Practice, Learn, Teach, Discuss based on actual code (avoid abstract conversations)

What NOT to do: Rush to finish the problem, Work on somebody’s "real life" problem, Flamewars, Compete with other participants, Have anyone in the session lost in understanding the current state of the code base

At the end of the session we conduct a retrospective to understand collectively what we’ve learned, what did we like, what could be better, etc. And after that, it’s common to spend more time together and socialize.


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